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Poultry PS

As a PS to my Poultry Show post, I thought I’d show you a picture of me with one of my lovely chickens. This is Road Runner, she’s an Araucana-Andalusian cross and lays pretty, pale blue eggs. (And, as you … Continue reading

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Poultry Show

A few weeks ago we went to a local poultry show. Most of the chooks we keep ourselves are rare breeds (also known as heritage breeds), and each have their own particular traits that they’ve been bred for. The show was an … Continue reading

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Cosy Friday evening

It’s Friday night and there’s a Spring storm shuddering against the house outside but inside we’re all snug and cosy. The fire is cranking in our wood stove… …and there’s nothing like a cute, cuddly friend to make you feel … Continue reading

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Midwinter mandarin lanterns

I’ve been quietly celebrating a few things this week: Monday, of course, was the Winter solstice; on Tuesday my man returned home to me after several weeks away visiting his family on the other side of the world; and on … Continue reading

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More gratitude

I didn’t do a Monday’s Inspiration post this week, but I did pick a card and I want to share it with you now (even though it’s now Tuesday – Oh, actually Wednesday morning now, according to my clock! Time … Continue reading

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Garden meditation

Here are some photos from our garden this week, focussing on some of the kinds of little magical details that are always there waiting for us to find if we look carefully enough.  Autumn leaves fall round Buddha’s head. The … Continue reading

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Bush bath bliss

Sunday we spent the day doing a big Autumn clear-up in the garden. Lots of mowing, weeding, pruning and mulching, clearing out the car port, tidying up chicken houses and making Alice the Pig’s Winter straw bed. By the end … Continue reading

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Hands-on dog food!

I just took a break from my work to put on a pot of dog food to cook. We make our own dog food in a slow cooker, using meat scraps from the local butcher and soup mix (containing green … Continue reading

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Kumara harvest

One of the things we harvested this week was our crop of kumara (Ipomoea batatas – Maori sweet potatoes). We get our tupu (young plants) from the Koanga Institute. The institute holds a very special collection of ancient kumara, many of which … Continue reading

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