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Impressions of Meknes

My camera is irreparably broken at the moment and, until I can afford to buy a new one, I’m having to make do with my iThingamies. It’s not the same. I miss my camera! So, I’ve been consoling myself by … Continue reading

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Home textures: bedroom

Here are some pictures of the textures and details of our bedroom. White, 100% cotton bedding from Ikea (I wish they had Ikea in New Zealand!). Two Hill Tribe bedspreads from North Vietnam to give us extra warmth. Two vintage … Continue reading

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Bags of colour

I need some colour today after yesterday’s soft neutrals, plus it’s grey and wintry here at the moment and I’m dreaming of being somewhere brighter. So here’s some more inspiration from Chefchaouen, the blue Moroccan city. These sacks were lined … Continue reading

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Blue Moroccan guest house

When my friend’s and I were in the northern Moroccan blue town of Chefchaouen, we stayed in this pretty guest house called Dar Terrae. I loved all the little details, and the geometry, and changing tones of blue as the … Continue reading

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Colour palette: the women of Chefchaouen

Here are some more photos from my visit to the northern Moroccan ‘blue town’ of Chefchaouen. The local Rifian women wore stripy cloth wraps in a beautiful colour palette: cherry red, mint, cream, salmon, sea green with burnt orange…all set … Continue reading

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Chefchaouen blue doors PART TWO

Part Two in my series of blue doors from the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen (here’s Part One). This post’s all about the little close-up details: handles, locks, carvings, rivets, textures…and all those different shades of blue. You can see more … Continue reading

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Chefchaouen blue doors PART ONE

When I was last in Morocco we visited the ‘blue town’ of Chefchaouen (pronounced shef-shao-wen) in the mountainous northern Rif region. The whole of the old town is painted in shades of blue. I got obsessed with photographing doors and doorways! Each one seemed to have … Continue reading

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Moroccan donkeys, mules and horses

Morocco is a land of donkeys, mules and horses. I fell in love with donkeys the first time I visited Morocco and I’m still trying to persuade my fellow householders that we need one… In the old part of the … Continue reading

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Zelij: The art of Moroccan tiles

In the old, walled Moroccan city of Fes, you never have to look far to find examples of the traditional tile art of zelij. Gateways, mosques, courtyards in private homes, public fountains and the walls of Islamic schools are all … Continue reading

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Sharing Morocco with you

I’ve been promising posts about my recent trip to Morocco for weeks now! The problem is that I have so much I want to share with you about my trip, I’ve not known where to start. Overlooking Fes Medina, from … Continue reading

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