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The mighty two-wheeler: a celebration

In many parts of the world, the two-wheeler reigns supreme. It is the ultimate, everyman, all-purpose vehicle. And it makes absolute sense that it is: so much cheaper to buy and run than a car (plus smaller impact on the … Continue reading

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Travelling feet: street stalls in India

Here’s a collection of feet photos from when I was in India earlier this year travelling through Rajasthan with my sister. So much happens in India at street level – you can get your teeth pulled out, your shoes mended and … Continue reading

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Collection: scissors

I love my little collection of traditional Chinese-style scissors. Each one tells it’s own story. The cane-handled pair belonged to a friend’s mother who died suddenly. The mother had been a hoarder her whole life and I helped my friend … Continue reading

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On my desk

The items on my desk seem to breed all by themselves. Or, in the case of pens, rulers or scissors, they just up sticks and wander off under their own steam. Do you have that problem too? Here are just … Continue reading

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Collection: vintage plates

Some of my pretty vintage plates. Picked up in flea markets, op shops and the bargain bins of antique shops. I look for patterns that I fall in love with, rather than particular names or collectable sets. They come in … Continue reading

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Colour palette: knitting and haberdashery

Some of my vintage haberdashery: kimono fabrics, buckles, buttons, and my hands knitting, combined into an unexpected colour palette. I like that if you cover up the colour palette with your hands so there are only three colours next to … Continue reading

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Wall collections

Here are a couple of little collections I have on my walls. The first is a pairing of a brass hamsa (Hand of Fatima) that I bought in Fes, Morocco, with an old postcard featuring a Japanese print of a … Continue reading

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Collection: cloisonné and satsuma

I don’t have things because they’re ‘collectable’ or valuable, only because I love them. Maybe they don’t even have much use except to delight me. Such is the case with this tiny little satsuma bowl that I picked up for … Continue reading

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Colour palette: Red

Tomato, rose, cherry, fire engine, ruby, chilli pepper, blood, crimson, strawberry, coral, poppy, cardinal, brick, raspberry, flame, carmine, rust, scarlet, burgundy, vermillion, persimmon, maroon. The colour red can mean so many different things: stop, warning, courage, danger, love, lust, hot… Communism, Indian weddings … Continue reading

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The joy of wood

Wooden games pieces of all shapes and sizes. Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and draughts. A dice rolled onto 5. A wooden kiss from a friend. And a tiny train pulling two carriages. Bamboo bangles, calligraphy brush and clothes pegs. … Continue reading

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