Spring flowers and feet

Cherry blossom in pale and dark pink; fallen petals, daisies and forget-me-nots; gumboots in wet grass; and old sneakers on the way back from the market, pausing to enjoy this Spring moment.
cherry blossom, blue sky, cherry, blossom, sky, blue, pink, lucy patterson, spring, flowers, tree, japanese, japan
cherry blossom, blue sky, cherry, blossom, sky, blue, pink, lucy patterson, spring, flowers, tree, japanese, japan, gumboots, boots, wellingtons, wellington boots

pink, blossom, cherry, spring, lucy patterson, tree, japan, japanese, flowers, flowering, photos, photo
cherry blossom, cherry, blossom, pink, lucy patterson, spring, flowers, tree, japanese, japan, petals, grass, green, feet, chucks, chuck taylors, daisy, daisies, shoe gazing,

forget me nots, forget me not, flowers, blossom, blue, close up, macro, lucy patterson, garden
forget me not, feet, flowers, blossom, boots, gumboots, wellingtons, lucy patterson

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8 Responses to Spring flowers and feet

  1. Sian says:

    I have to admit to a little pang of spring jealousy! we’re racing towards winter : )
    beautiful photos : )

  2. Hippie says:

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