New additions to our flock

We’ve had one of our hens, Frex, sitting on 10 multi-coloured eggs for the past three weeks and yesterday nine of them hatched into the cutest mixed-bag of chicks! I have to keep going out every half-hour to have another look at them… Aren’t they just adorable!
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The eggs came from one of our two flocks (known as the ‘Gate Chooks’ because they live hear our front gate). The Gate Chooks’ rooster is a very handsome Lavender Araucana-Black Orpington cross called Cuckoo, and his six hens are also araucana-crosses of various descriptions. Most of these hens lay blue and green eggs, but there are a couple of peachy-fawn egg-layers too. We’re very curious to see how the genes sort themselves out in the chicks.

Frex is such a great mummy hen. Fiercely protective of her chicks, she’s in a constant state of puffed-up-ness so all her chicks can snuggle underneath her (she’s actually a very petite little bantam hen), and she purrs to them in the most endearing way.
chicks, hen, chicken, broody, araucana, orpington, bantam, lucy patterson, hatched, hatch, nest, free range
There are three black chicks (with very cute yellow under-bottoms); one charcoal; one all-over pale yellow; one gold with a dot on its head; one gold with polka dots all over its head; one all-over stripy; and one boofer fat headed one that has a bold mohawk stripe down its head and back, and at one point yesterday was dangling off ‘his’ mother’s ear by his beak! We’re hoping they’re all girls because we don’t need anymore roosters, but I have a funny feeling out this Boofer Mohawk guy…

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