I’m helping my talented friend Josie Skipper, of Love Ideas Ink, celebrate the first birthday of her beautiful, sweet, papery business, with a special giveaway of my products.

Click here to go to the page where you can ENTER THE GIVEAWAY

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Seeing as Love Ideas Ink is all about the joy of paper (plus paper is the gift for first anniversaries), I decided to put together a prize pack made up of some of my own paper goodies. Here’s what you could win:
Kimono Paper Craft, kit, paper craft, papercarft, kimono, vintage kimono, lucy patterson
A pack of my Kimono Paper Craft.
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Two packs of Kimono Paper Tape (one in the ‘hot‘ colours, and one ‘cool‘).
matryoshka, postcards, babushka, russian dolls, kimono, vintage kimono, japan, japanese, lucy patterson
All three of my matryoshka postcards.
kimono postcards, kimono, vintage kimono, postcards, bamboo, blossom, lucy patterson, leaves, autumn, maple
And my three vintage kimono postcards.

And have a great weekend!
Lucy xxxxx

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One Response to Giveaway!

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Thanks so much for this, you are too lovely!
    We were very pleased to have you onboard for our birthday month!
    Thanks! x

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