On my desk

The items on my desk seem to breed all by themselves. Or, in the case of pens, rulers or scissors, they just up sticks and wander off under their own steam. Do you have that problem too? Here are just some of the many collections of things that crowd my desk.
jars of pens, mugs of pens, pens, jars, mugs, pencils, lucy patterson, desk
I use old blue-and-white mugs and tea cups to hold my pens.
inside out, insideout, magazine, lucy patterson, interiors, australian
Some of my ever-expanding collections of magazines. I freely admit it, I’m a magazine addict!
giraffe, tile, zelige, globe, bits and bobs, lucy patterson, desk
A small plateful of odds and ends. A fragment of sea-worn tile I found on a beach in Vietnam. A paisley printing block from India. A giraffe that belonged to my grandfather (along with seahorses, they were his favourite animal). A sage green zelij tile from Morocco, and some macadamia nuts from our garden.
sibella court, etcetera, nomad, the stylist's guide to nyc, court, sibella, lonely planet, morocco, vietnam, lucy patterson, books, buidebooks
My collection of Sibella Court books (I find them endlessly inspiring) and two of my most recent Lonely Planet guidebooks.
ink stamps, carved stamps, stamps, ink, red, lucy patterson
A couple of carved ink stamps I had made in Vietnam. One says ‘air mail’ and the other has my address (if you’ve ever ordered something from my Etsy store you might recognise them!).
toast, toast catalogues, catalogues, lucy patterson
A stack of Toast catalogues. Another perpetual source of inspiration for me. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that Toast now no longer send their catalogues overseas!

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  1. Sian says:

    what a lovely place to work : )
    great stamps!

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