Feet photos: markets in Vietnam and Cambodia

Continuing on with my habit of photographing my feet
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Beautiful fresh ingredients in Hanoi and Phnom Penh. Hill Tribe embroidery and bolts of bright cloth in Bac Ha market, North Vietnam. Lucky red envelopes and wooden shoes in Hanoi.

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2 Responses to Feet photos: markets in Vietnam and Cambodia

  1. amy says:

    cool photos Luce, i love the look of those skirts like my one, but with the thick band of red round the hem – so cool! and the bolts of Hilltribe embroidery fabric – drooool…X

  2. Rabia AHMED says:

    me rabia,
    also you went to that market
    how was it
    all the landscapes , market , fresh fruit

    inspires and determines me to want to come to newseland.

    love ur crafts

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