Goodbye dear uncle

My wonderful uncle Alan died last week and it’s his funeral today on the other side of the world. Although we can’t be there in person, we’re very much there in spirit.

This is for you, my dear uncle, and for your family, sent with all my love.

If I could I would send you a field full of beautiful flowers
fields, meadows, olive, olive groves, flowers, herbal ley, poppies, mustard, morocco, moroccan, middle atlas
and great bundles of lotus blossoms
lotus, water lily, lily, flowers, cambodia
I would send baskets of scented rose petals
rose, rose petals, petals, morocco, basket, scented, pink, fez, fes
and brightly coloured pot plants
pink, flower, dahlia, pot plant, hoi an, vietnam, red, street,
I would send garlands of sunshine yellow marigolds
garlands, marigolds, singapore, india
and brilliant bougainvillea climbers
bougainvillea, bougainvillia, morocco, creeper, climber, chefchaouen, blue, purple, pink, dark
and I would have it all delivered by bicycle!
flowers, florist, bicycle, bike, cycle, hanoi, vietnam
And then, because not just blossoms grow on trees…
pink, blossom, tree, blossom tree, cherry blossom, cherry, cambodia
but hearts too
heart, seeds, seed pod, pod, hanoi, lake,
I would send you a tree covered in hearts filled with all our love.

Goodbye dear uncle. Thank you for being a truly marvelous person and such a special uncle to me.

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One Response to Goodbye dear uncle

  1. Sabrina Shafi says:

    May your Uncle Alan’s soul rest in peace. (Sorry to hear of the sad news) Stay strong! xxxxxxxxx

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