Wall collections

Here are a couple of little collections I have on my walls. The first is a pairing of a brass hamsa (Hand of Fatima) that I bought in Fes, Morocco, with an old postcard featuring a Japanese print of a fish which I inherited from my grandparents. I like it that these two objects work together because of their colour, shape and size, even though their materials, style and subject matter are so very different from each other.
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Birds and beads. I found the framed Japanese bird and magnolia print at a flea market for a dollar or two. The prayer beads were bought in Morocco by my father in the 70s or early 80s. I was given the stone rooster by a friend of mine who knows how much I love my chickens! I found the feather on holiday up North – I think it might be from a rosella. The little silk brocade pouch is from a temple in Kyoto. I was given it by my Reiki Master when she visited Japan some years ago.
prayer beads, rosary, mala, bird, print, framed print, feather, rooster, stone, temple, japan, japanese, kyoto, magnolia, wall, artwork, collection, display, lucy patterson

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