Collection: cloisonné and satsuma

I don’t have things because they’re ‘collectable’ or valuable, only because I love them. Maybe they don’t even have much use except to delight me. Such is the case with this tiny little satsuma bowl that I picked up for a dollar or two in a flea market somewhere. It’s only big enough to hold this cape gooseberry seedcase, but I find it so beautiful.
satsuma, bowl, egg cup, cape gooseberry, chinese lantern, glazed, pottery, ceramic, porcelain, gold, lucy patterson
I bought these satsuma ginger jars in a junk shop in East London near where I used to live. I don’t know how the owners made any money. They were so attached to most of their stock that they couldn’t bear to let you buy it! I suspect I only managed to get these jars because I happened to go in on a day when someone else was minding the store for them. It seems they thought their job was actually to sell things…
satsuma, japan, japanese, pottery, porcelain, ceramics, ginger jars, jars, glazed, gold, black
The first piece of cloisonne I ever owned was this napkin ring. I’ve had it since I was very small. I’ve no idea where it came from and I’m not sure if I ever really used it, but I’ve always treasured it.
napkin ring, cloisonne, cloisonné, turquoise, lucy patterson, flowers
I bought the green bangle in Hong Kong in the ‘Jade Market’. The blue one is a flea market find. The beads and butterfly pendant are left over from various creative projects.
Lucy Patterson, cloisonne, cloisonné, beads, bangle, bracelets, butterfly, pendant, blue, green, chinese, enamel
Another flea market find. I think it cost $2. So much detail and beauty in a dish that’s simply for holding your pins as you sew. I especially love the combination of that yellow against the turquoise.
cloisonne, cloisonné, pin dish, place, flowers, blue, yellow, red, lucy patterson
One of a pair of vintage Japanese clip-on earrings. I imagine they’re from the sixties, but I’m not actually sure. Again it’s that yellow…
cherry blossom, lucy patterson, earring, black, yellow, white, silver, blossom, japan, japanese, enamel
My most recent cloisonne purchase was this incense burner. I saw it in an antique shop just after New Year when we were driving up north to our friends’ wedding. It’s an old piece and has been battered around a bit. I felt the price they were asking for it was too high, so I left it.
cloisonne, cloisonné, incense, burner, black, flowers, japanese, chinese
While we were away at the wedding though I kept thinking about it and so, on our way back down to Auckland, we stopped in and I negotiated a price that both the shopkeeper and I could feel happy with. I always say, if you’re going to regret not buying it, then get it.
cloisonne, cloisonné, enamel, incense burner, butterfly, lucy patterson, black, detail
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