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A couple of new things around here today… The first is a freshly hatched chick! So adorable. One of our hens, Blax, has been sitting on eggs for the past three weeks, and yesterday the first one hatched. More may have hatched today, but when I checked earlier, Mother Hen was all fluffed out in the nest and not giving anything away. 

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Blax belongs to a little flock of chickens we call ‘the Xs’. There’s Blax, Frex, Beatrix and the rooster, who’s called…um…Spandex. (He’s a very flashy fellow.) The eggs that Blax has been sitting on are all rare breeds. This little chick is a Barnevelder. Barnevelders lay eggs that are a dark orangey-brown, often with freckles. They look a little like they’ve been spray tanned!

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The other new thing in my life today is a fresh, blank notebook. I just finished my first blogging notebook, and have been hunting for perfect notebook number two. It turns out I’m very fussy when it comes to choosing notebooks… I like them to be un-lined (for illustrations as well as writing), to be about A5 in size (to fit easily into my handbag), not to be spiral bound (so pages don’t rip out), and to be fairly thick. Turns out there aren’t so many notebooks out there that tick all those boxes.

Today I finally found one (yay!), and decorated the cover with an illustration made out of cut up kimono fabric photocopies (test prints from when I was creating my Kimono Paper Tape). I think I’m going to have to explore this way of working with paper some more, I really enjoyed it.

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  1. Skyler says:

    Totally with you on the note book! My current one is annoying as it’s a ring binder and the pages get ruined and some pull out. And the cover is all bent as it’s soft cover..grrrr – let me know where you got yours from so I can get one like it next time!

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