London by night

One cold, drizzly Friday night in London, I went to see the Gauguin exhibition at Tate Modern with my brother and my friends Amy and Lino. I’ve loved Gauguin’s work since I was a teenager. Seeing rooms filled with artworks of his that I’ve know intimately from books and art history slideshows was awesome. We left the gallery as it closed at 10pm and decided to walk along South Bank to Westminster.

London, Southbank, south, bank, thames, st pauls, cathedral, bridge, millennium, tate modern, night, river, lights

Walking along the Thames at night is beautiful. The first thing you see upon leaving Tate Modern is St Paul’s Cathedral, brightly lit against the sky, at the far end of the Millennium Bridge.

National Theatre, London, South Bank, Thames, night, city, walk

The National Theatre looked like it was made out of red silk; a giant, rectangular Chinese lantern.

South Bank, southbank, graffiti, underpass, skaters, BMX, BMXers, waterloo, bridge, grafitti, night

South Bank, Southbank, graffiti, grafitti, underpass, skaters, BMXers, night, hangout, waterloo, bridge

The Undercroft (below the Queen Elizabeth Hall) is a street-gallery of graffiti, popular with skaters and BMXers since the ’70s. 

thames, south bank, southbank, bridge, hungerford, footbridge, london

Further along you come to Hungerford Bridge. I love all the reflections and light-ripples you get in the Thames at night.

The London Eye, london, eye, thames, southbank, south bank, river, westminster

The giant bicycle wheel of The London Eye

Westminster, abbey, houses of parliament, bridge, night, lights, thames, south bank, southbank

And finally, Westminster – the abbey, Big Ben… – all framed by these Narnia-esque street lights. We crossed over the Thames at Westminster Bridge and caught the Tube home. A happy walk!

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  1. Amy says:

    Great photos Luce! So cool to hear the story of my travels told by someone else! 🙂 I must hurry up and send you the pics from our visit to Oxford! Will do, PRONTO xox

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