Kimono paper tape PREVIEW!

I can’t wait any longer! I have to give you a preview of something fun I’ve been working on recently for my soon-to-be-open shop (which will be up and running this week for sure!). I’ve been creating sets of kimono paper tape from images of my own vintage kimono fabric collection. So far there will be two different sets to choose from: a hot range of colours (reds, pinks, orange), and a cool range (purples, blues, green).

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The tape is perfect for all sorts of creative projects – scrapbooking, gift wrapping, collages etc. Here are some little ideas I’ve been experimenting with today, using some of just one set of the hot colours to complete all the projects.

The first thing I made with the tape was mini bunting. I got the idea from a great tutorial that Lisa Tilse gave over on her blog the red thread.

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I made my bunting by sticking pieces of tape at even intervals along the edge of a sheet of paper, leaving a little bit of each piece of tape sticking up at the edge. I then placed thin string (you could use embroidery thread, cotton, dental floss etc) along the edge of the paper and folded down all the ends of the tape over the string to hold it in place. Finally, I simply trimmed each piece of tape into a little flag (being careful not to cut through the string).

Isn’t the finished result so pretty? It makes me happy every time I look at it! The card in the background is one of a set of kimono cards I’ve designed which will also be for sale in my shop.

kimono, paper, tape, paper tape, washi, origami, japanese, japan, bunting, mini, flags, tutorial, project, make

Other uses for the kimono tape I played around with today: collage artworks made from cutting out shapes and letters. My sweetheart’s on the other side of the world at the moment, so this is a little shout out to him. Hey, baby!

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…and of course gift wrapping. Simple brown paper, ribbon off-cuts, a cute little Japanese decoration… The cards in the background are two more of my kimono postcards.

kimono, paper, tape, paper tape, washi, origami, japanese, japan, gift, wrapping, postcards

More fun with kimono paper tape coming soon! …and of course it will be available to buy online very shortly.

Hope you’ve been having a good weekend.

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4 Responses to Kimono paper tape PREVIEW!

  1. Carol Wills says:


    The kimono tape is oh so pretty. What a great, great idea!

  2. Lucy Patterson says:

    Thanks Carol! I’m so glad you like the kimono tape. I’m feeling really chuffed with it myself! ; ) It’s always so pleasing when something comes together that you’re really delighted with, isn’t it?

  3. Sabrina..Xxx says:

    Yo Aunty datz a cool idea….i woonda wat goes through dat creative mind of yours…lol…:D..kimono. <3

  4. Lillian says:

    i am having fun making cards using ur lovely kimono paper tapes. 🙂

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