Display jars for treasures

I seem to have a bit of a treasure theme going on at the moment…and in particular, ways of storing treasures. First there was the pirate’s treasure bag, and now it’s a beautiful way of displaying flotsam and jetsam and other bounty we find at beaches, on our travels or scavenging at flea markets.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always bringing home shells and pebbles and bits of polished glass or broken pottery, beads and vintage buttons, a patterned feather… and then I never quite know what to do with them.

Well, my lovely friend Amy has come up with a great solution.

jar, treasure, vintage, display, flotsam, jetsam, glass, kilner, storage, bathroom, shells, coral, violets, african, terrarium

On the windowsill of her bathroom she has a collection of large, vintage jars filled with found treasures. Once the jars are full, the lids are screwed back on, the jars turned upside down, and voila! simple, beautiful glass display cases. 

jar, treasure, vintage, display, flotsam, jetsam, glass, kilner, storage, bathroom, shells, coral, violets, african, terrarium, pebbles

There are shells and bits of coral, a smooth pebble, mint coloured kina shell (sea urchin), and the wings of a monarch butterfly. 

jar, glass, storage, display, terrarium, shells, coral, pebbles, flotsam, jetsam, beach, vintage, retro, recycled, african, violets, cucculent, bathroom, windowsill

Don’t you love how the lettering on the jar looks against the shells inside? She’s also used a jar to create a terrarium with a succulent plant inside.

Simple, beautiful ideas using recycled jars to preserve found objects. Perfect!

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5 Responses to Display jars for treasures

  1. Amy says:

    yey! my jars look so beautiful in these pics! 🙂 it’s got me all reinspired to do more terrariums…terrariae…?…anyway, lovely lovely xxxx

  2. melissa says:

    these are so beautiful! what a great idea.

  3. Carol Wills says:

    I love your ideas, and your photos are lovely. I’ll be
    a happy follower of your blog.

  4. Lucy Patterson says:

    Hi Carol! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the lovely comment and I’m really glad you’re enjoying my posts. Have a great weekend! Lucy : )

  5. Sabrina..Xxx says:

    Wow…Aunty lucy your friends jars are real awesome…but…omg i see a dead buttyfly..:(

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