Monday’s Inspiration: Adventure

The card I picked today from my Paper Fan Inspiration Cards as a thought for us all for the week ahead, was:

I embrace life as an adventure
full of wonder, surprises and opportunities

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This card reminds us to embrace our lives fully and be ever present to the wonder of this adventure that we are on. Even when life is difficult, painful, stressful or just plain monotonous, there are always moments of pure beauty and joy available to us, if we can only allow ourselves to notice and feel them.

The card also reminds us to look for the doors of opportunity that may be open to us when we’re least expecting them. 

The more we embrace this adventure we’re on, the more fully alive we will feel, and the more we can grow in our life.

When I picked Adventure this morning, the cranky, resistant, pesky voice in my head said: I can’t relate to that right now in my life, this isn’t relevant.” But the more I thought about it today, the more I experienced moments of wonder (the newly emerged monarch butterfly clinging to my finger and opening and closing its wings for the first time), and surprises (the complete strangers who found their way to my fledgling blog and took the time to tell me that they loved it – Thank you!), and opportunities (suffice to say that my work is developing in delightful and unexpected ways at the moment and I’m so excited about it). Suddenly life does feel like an adventure and I really appreciated that the card had reminded me of that.

What does this card say to you right now in your life? I’d love to hear any thoughts that you might have about it. 

Have a great week, and journey through your life well. Be intrepid and pack a picnic if you need to!

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One Response to Monday’s Inspiration: Adventure

  1. Amy says:

    That’s such a good way to look at life, and I always need reminding of it. Thanks Luce!! off I go into another day of Museum illustrations – an amazingly cool opportunity and adventure alright! talk to you later xxx

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