Coral, shell and bone

I’m drawn to coral like a treasure hunter. It makes me think of Tibetan necklaces and the ancient Silk Route and holidays on tropical beaches. Rough pieces washed up on a beach in Fiji; smooth beads bought from an Afghani seller in Bangkok; carved Chinese earrings and engraved twisted stem, given to me by close friends; and a vintage button from an old mixed bag of my mother’s. So many colours and textures: strawberry, grapefruit pink, salmon, burnt scarlet…

coral beads, carved coral, Tibetan coral, Chinese coral

Small mother-of-pearl buttons sewn onto a card of silver foil. Large carved buttons from someone else’s elderly German aunts. A delicately detailed brooch set in Bethlehem silver. Two broken pieces of jewellery, both from my Grandmother’s youth: a string of beads and an elephant brooch, brought together fifty years later into a treasured necklace.

Mother of pearl, MOP, buttons, beads, shells, elephant, paua shells

Tropical fish swim over vintage coral on Australian and Singaporean stamps.

Australian stamps, Singapore stamps, fish stamps, coral stamps

Coral toenails on a floor of timber off-cuts.

coral nail polish, parquet flooring

Vintage buckles of bone and old plastic, Tibetan skull beads, antique orphaned domino, a Fijian cowrie shell found on an island once owned by the Mafia, a small cowrie shell from a piece of Rajasthani embroidery, and shell beads from Afghanistan.

Vintage buckles, skull beads, shell beads, antique dominoes

Tiny sunset-shaded scallop shells from a New Zealand beach.

Scallop shells

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5 Responses to Coral, shell and bone

  1. Amy says:

    so beautiful Luce, inspiring and luscious and just so so nice. xx

  2. Sally Pickard says:

    Lucy, what a beautiful, beautiful site. I love everything about it, and I just saw the little coral stem in the ‘coral, shell and bone’ post. Ah, what a glorious home it has found. Inspiring site, and now I’ve twigged that you’re really rolling with it I shall keep up with you. Love and blessings, my dear friend. xxx

  3. Baldorj Byambajav says:

    HI, Lucy Patterson

    how are you ? I’m writing from Mongolia and i would like to interest coral. Do you have coral for sale?

    thank you


  4. Hi,nice website,and nice coral photos.I like the coal also.I had no idea of the beauty.Never looked close before.It’s sometimes gorgeous,,like a gemstone.I have some great other color color,such as real yellow and green.I have a few red pieces also,and two red coral Tibetan tubular beads with one eye in a square.Very unusual.

  5. mrswoo says:

    I’m amazed you don’t mention the amazing Precious Wentletrap at the bottom right of the photo with the cowrie in it. It’s fantastic.

    Wentletrap is Dutch for spiral staircase.

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