Lucy Patterson is a researcher, photographer, collector, writer and traveller specialising in the textile traditions of the ethnic minority peoples of northern Vietnam.

Lucy has travelled thousands of kilometres by motorbike through the mountainous northern provinces of Vietnam, conducting field research and amassing an internationally significant archive of objects and photographs. Lucy’s work is grounded in direct and ongoing relationships with communities in the region.

130 different groups visited and documented
1200 textiles collected
25,000 photos

Lucy is the founder of Mountain Threads: Centre for Ethnic Minority Textiles & Cultural Heritage, Northern Vietnam and the co-founder of Indiko Press, a publishing company dedicated to creating beautiful, inspiring, informative books about the peoples and textiles of this diverse and culturally rich part of the world.

Lucy’s first book, exploring the use of indigo in this region, is due out in 2018.

When not in Vietnam, Lucy lives on the wild, west coast of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.